London Road Corridor Project

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London Road Corridor Project.

London Road Corridor Project.

  • CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

    Croydon Council has introduced changes to the area in front of 386 and 380 London Road, Croydon.  This is in response to residents’ concerns about parking and vehicle idling to the frontage of 386 London Road.

    The changes provide new planting at 386 London Road and will help protect the residential apartments from the queuing traffic and exposure to air pollution and make an area dominated by hard surfacing more attractive. 

    Other greenery has been planted in front of 380 London Road, in a way to naturally help the drainage in the area through the use of ‘rain gardens’ that absorb water into the ground (that would otherwise be taken away through the drainage system).

    Croydon Council has secured funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA) for air quality initiatives along London Road.  Further details of the project are available at:

    If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas on this change, please take part in our survey below. The survey launches on 03 April and will close at 23:59 hours on 03 October 2023.

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    Personal data given in this survey (including names, email addresses and contact details) will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the UK General Data Protection Regulations. Data will only be used for the purposes of the consultation. Contact details will not be shared or published. By participating, you agree to your data being used in this way.

    For further information about how we use, share and protect your personal data in compliance with our legal requirements under the GDPR 2018 and Data Protection Act 2018, refer to the council’s corporate privacy notice at

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