What is a 'special stress area'

    'Special Stress Areas' were added to the policy during the 2013 review. They are areas where there had been concern about the number of shops licensed to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises and the impact they may be having on crime and disorder, but there was insufficient data to warrant introducing a Cumulative Impact Area (CIA).

    It is proposed that Lower Addiscombe Road is removed from the policy as data does not suggest that a CIA is needed.

    It is proposed that  High Street and Portland Road, South Norwood is made a CIA.

    What other changes are proposed for the policy?

    We're proposing the following changes be made to the policy:

    To make other necessary amendments/updates to the policy, for example in respect of the council's obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and further administrative updates, for example in respect of the borough population and also to reflect any amendments to statutory guidance or national policy that require amendments to the local policy.

    To make administrative updates to the policy document to reflect current committee and board names and responsibilities, relevant officer titles and related matters.

    What is a Cumulative Impact Assessment?

    Cumulative impact is the potential impact on the promotion of the licensing objectives of a number of licensed premises concentrated in one area. In some areas where the number, type or density of licensed premises is high or exceptional, serious problems of nuisance, crime and disorder may arise outside or some distance from those premises. 

    A Cumulative Impact Assessment may be proposed by a licensing authority to help it to limit the number or types of licence applications granted in certain areas which, in our policy we refer to as Cumulative Impact Areas (CIAs). 

    What is a Cumulative Impact Area (CIA)?

    A Cumulative Impact Area is where there is evidence that the number or density of licensed premises is having a cumulative impact and leading to problems which are undermining one or more of the four licensing objectives and it is likely that granting further licenses of a particular type in that area would be inconsistent with the council’s duty to promote the licensing objectives. 

    When a CIA is in place it relates to new applications and applications to vary existing licences of a particular type in the specified area but do not impact on existing licenses or licenses for activities which are not covered by the CIA.