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    Community health champions support their family, friends and the wider community to make sense of the latest advice/information about living with Covid-19 and the wider aspects of health.  As a champion, you will play a vital role in continuing to keep Croydon safe as we learn to live with Covid-19.

    There is no expectation from you.  However, if you would like to share any experiences you have had from putting the training into practice this would help with our evaluation process.

    The first two events will run on 15 and 20 July 2022 from 9am (registration) – 1.30pm at the BME Wellness Centre in the Whitgift Centre, central Croydon. 

    Rachel Flowers (Director of Public Health) will open both events, then we will have an interactive presentation about Covid-19 vaccinations, followed by a suicide awareness session. The event will end with a free lunch and networking opportunities.

    We are limited to 40 participants on both days.  If these are successful we will offer more events like these from September. 

    To apply please click on the link:

    Share the flyer to encourage others to become community health champions.

    At these events you will:

    • Increase your confidence on how to have conservations around living safely with Covid-19 (including the Covid-19 vaccine)
    • Learn how to provide information on how, where and when to get a Covid-19 vaccine
    • Feel comfortable to have conversations about suicide
    • And much more!

    Whether you are running a community project or group to increase Covid-19 vaccine uptake or are just interested in learning more about the vaccine, these free resources are here to support you.

    Croydon Public Health and the NHS have worked to together to develop a training plan which will help you understand more about the vaccine and enable you to support others with their decisions about having a vaccination.  

    You will receive a certificate of attendance to show you are a community health champion.